It's Game Night!

What do we want to play?


Draw pictures for other players to guess.

One Word

Co-operative word guessing game. Everyone gives a clue, but duplicates are thrown away.


Simple bluffing game of influence and intrigue. (You don't need to be able to lie to play it!)


(5-10) Evil players try to sabotage the good as they undertake quests for the Holy Grail.

Love Letter

(3-4) Compete for the heart of the Princess through deception and betrayal.


Discover who the spy is by asking careful questions.

Broken Picturephone

Alternate drawing a prompt and describing the drawing. (The random noun generator might be useful.)


(Best with 6+, video needed) Guess the same words in progressively harder ways.

Shadow Hunters

Game of supernatural hidden identities.

Crazy Eights

Get rid of all your cards first (similar to UNO).


(Best with 6+) Give clues to identify the correct words from a grid.


($) All the usual Jackbox games.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

($) One player is defusing a bomb, but everyone else has the manual.

Cards Against Humanity

(NSFW) A party game for horrible people.

Joking Hazard

(NSFW) Make your own Cyanide and Happiness comics.